My name is Kai, and I’m a Global Nomad - born in Taiwan to Taiwanese parents, grew up in Japan, went to a Catholic international school with students from all over the world, and now attending Santa Clara University in the United States.

My life never really started until I made the single biggest decision that has turned my life upside down - dropping out of high school. I was suffering from anxiety and depression, and I had no motivation or sense of purpose in my life. After leaving school, I tried all kinds of jobs and hobbies that interested me. 

When I finally took control of my life, amazing things started to happen. I learned how to cold-call and make appointments; how to sell things and retain customers; how to design the layout of a store to optimize customer experience and sales; how to take beautiful photographs; how to allocate time and people to different tasks efficiently, and the importance of communication beyond verbal. To me, being out of school was like going to a different school - one where I could study whatever subjects that I wanted, when I wanted, and be rewarded for it. I became intrigued by human behavior, the decision-making process, and how that is influenced by things like interaction, experience, design, color scheme, and atmosphere. By dropping out of school, I fell in love with learning. By continuing to learn, I fell in love with Marketing. It was time to go back to school.

In pursuit of depth and breadth of knowledge, and to obtain a degree in business, I took the GED and googled the best community college in California (I have never lived in the U.S. prior to college), and applied to the first college on the list. This led me to Silicon Valley, even though I had no clue about startups and tech. That all changed when the lady at the leasing office of my first apartment nagged me to download Uber and use her promo code. When I requested my very first ride, a young man in his 20s came to pick me up in a Tesla! I became captivated by the Silicon Valley startups, tech, and most of all, the culture. I wanted to tell my parents, friends, and everyone about this magical place called Silicon Valley, filled with wonderful products and services. But telling people is not enough. I could show them photos, but that’s not enough either. And then I realized: I could be a part of this movement and deliver all the wonderful ideas, products, and services, to everyone that stand to benefit from it.

I am now a Junior at Santa Clara University, majoring in MIS. Outside of school, I am a photographer and a visual storyteller. Whether in business or photography, I see the world not as what it is, but as what it could be. Currently, I am seeking a Summer internship in the areas of marketing, business development, or project management.