Kai Hirota

International Student | Photographer


Kai Hirota

International Student | Photographer

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."



About me

- Hello stranger. My name is Kai, and welcome to my website!

- I'm an international student on F-1 visa, currently studying at Foothill College in San Francisco Bay Area.

- I don't have a high school diploma; I dropped out of high school and obtained a GED years later.

- Got accepted for transfer to Santa Clara University '18! Woohoo! Starting Fall 2016.

- Majoring in Marketing with emphasis in Business & Technology. Considering a minor in Computer Science or Entrepreneurship but I won't know if it's even possible until I am fully matriculated at SCU.

- I am a productivity freak and I like to prioritize; in terms of academics, I will be focusing on TED (Technology, Entrepreneurship, Design) over the next two years.

- I am a pretty talented photographer. Wanna get shot?

- I just started learning to code. I made my computer call me "Commander-in-chief." Yep, still a beginner, but this is addicting.


irrelevant(?) facts

- I attended a high school in Japan called St.Mary's International School, but I dropped out to become a photographer temporarily while I searched for a higher purpose.

- My final high school transcript read: GPA 0.81 (No joke).

- I've lived in Japan most of my life and I have a Japanese nationality, but both of my parents are Taiwanese and I was born in Taiwan.

- In order of fluency, I speak English, Japanese, Mandarin, Taiwanese.

- I'm always anxious about something

- Type INTJ: I am introverted, strategic, creative, ambitious, decisive, and curious.

- Most of you will never beat me in Chess.

- All of you will beat me in sports.

- But I will outrun all of you. I meant run out of money.

- Wow, I am so honored that you read everything. I would love to know your story too. Let's connect?


Yours truly,

Kai Hirota

Leavey School of Business

Santa Clara University